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Published 2023-09-25 03:55:05 UTC on Eloquent Architecture

We have an export feature that can build an Excel file over the course of many background jobs. Worked beautifully for years. Man, those were the days.

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  • Rust

The LoB principle dictates that the behavior of a unit of code should be as obvious as possible by looking only at that unit of code. But I think something is missing from this discussion.

Some dashboards, like Stripe's, let you see values compared to a previous time period. Let's take a quick look at how we might begin to integrate this kind of functionality into your Laravel app's dashboard.

With some of the basics from part I out of the way, now we can move on to extended topics like pagination, relationships, rate limiting, etc.

Each call to the builder will modify the underlying pending request. Every modification, another link in the chain, that will be sent, finally, with get().

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